It is my personal mission to use technology to benefit as many people as possible.

I see technology as an essential part of providing for humankind. Whether I am providing free online radio to fellow music lovers, creating an open-source alternative to speed-reading software, or programming a webapp to provide useful data to those suffering from Celiac disease, I am employing technology for a greater good. I believe using data for society's benefit is the only ethical use of information.

Recent Work

Yacht Unbridled

A luxurious yacht's media site. (contract work)


Food delivery in Durham, NC. (contract work)


A designer collection for women based in NYC. (contract work)


World's first search engine for those with Celiac disease.

Effay Music

Online radio based on 4chan's /mu/ board. (Works best in Google Chrome)


Read at 300WPM and Faster! (Open-Source Version of Spritz).

Revolutionary Clock

A decimal clock based on the French Revolutionary Calendar.


Download every image in a 4chan thread.


Part of a pet retrieval system I designed.

Bitcoin Receipt Paper

A simple receipt paper UI demo.


An humble homage to human endeavor.


2016 Presidential Candidate Polling