GLŪT in the Wild

Not all candy contains gluten!

It is easy to think that because candies are concocted in a lab, and are often sticky to the touch, that some binding agent, like gluten, is keeping all of the exotic ingredients together. While this may be true for many chocolate bars, there also many other candies that are entirely gluten-free. In the picture above, for example, there is one definite gluten-free candy: the Skittles Original. But what about other snacks? When you are out living your life, you should be able to eat as many gluten-free foods as you can. Without GLŪT, you may pass on foods that you can eat simply because you are not sure if it has gluten in it or not.

With GLŪT:

You will instantly know all of the foods that you can safely eat in the vending machine just by searching for the product names of snacks you are considering purchasing. You will never leave a vending machine, a food stand at a concert, or even a party without truly knowing all of your options.

Without GLŪT:

If you are not a GLŪT subscriber, you will leave the vending machine without knowing all of your options. You may avoid eating tasty food out of fear of harming yourself even though the food is gluten-free. Even worse, you may accidentally eat something that does contain gluten and cause damage to your intestines.